Hammer @ Home Kits

We get it. You live a busy life. Maybe you want to create but you don't have the time to come into the studio. No problem! We've got you covered! Simply order one of our Hammer @ Home Kits and create in the comfort of your own home. Finish your unique project on your own time and without feeling rushed.

Last week we were all supposed to make stuff at Hammer & Stain, but Hunter and Sawyer got sick so I couldn't go :( I called and told them my situation, they bagged everything up so I could make it at home instead!

- Haley W.

How it Works

1. In the tool bar, click "Shop" and select Hammer @ Home Kits.

2. Choose your project.

3. Choose a stain color.

4. Choose up to 3 paint colors.

5. On the personalization form, enter the data needed in order to prepare your design (name, date, etc.)

6.Proceed with checkout!

Each Kit Includes:

* The wood item of your project
* Disposable gloves
* 1 stain and 3 paints of your choosing
* Sponges
* A one-time use stencil