Asked Questions

May I make more than one project at a workshop?
Because of time constraints and the nature of how our DIY workshops run, we limit each person to one project during a scheduled workshop. We are always adding more dates and workshop projects. Please check back with us often to schedule your time with us!

May I bring a friend with me if they are not working on a project?
Unfortunately, because of limited amount of seating and fire code, we are unable to admit any person who has not reserved a spot in our workshop.

Do you charge a sitting fee?
No, we do not charge a sitting fee. You will only pay for the project you select.

What are the prices for a workshop?
Prices for workshops start at $25. However, pricing varies depending on the type of workshop being offered.

Do I have to pick my project ahead of time?
Yes. Project selection and customization information for your project is required at the time of booking on our on-line registration form. Please be sure to double-check your spelling and information to ensure your project stencil (for wood workshops) and materials will be ready for you at the start of your workshop. We ask that you pick your project and customization 48 hours before your workshop time.

Do you offer workshop refunds?
Due to the custom nature of our workshops, registration fees are non-refundable.

Do I need to tell you in advance what colors and stain I want to use on a wood project?
No, we have a wide variety of paint colors and stains to choose from. When you arrive we will show you examples of different color palettes to help you decide which paints and stains will look the best in your home.

How long does a workshop last?
The length of each workshop depends on the type of workshop scheduled. The typical workshop lasts 2-3 hours.

Do I need to be crafty or artistically talented to take a workshop?
Definitely NOT! Our workshops provide guided instruction in a relaxed environment. Just bring your DIY attitude and a willingness to learn and you will create a project you will be proud of!

May I bring my own snacks or food?
Yes! Please feel free to bring your own snacks or food to any of our workshops.

May I bring my own beer or wine?
Yes! But, beer and wine only please...no hard liquor. Beer and wine is only permitted at adult workshops where those in attendance are at least 21. If you or the group you are with are consuming beer or wine, we ask that you are responsible and have a designated driver on hand or call a taxi or Uber.

How do I make sure I am seated with my friends?
If you are coming with a group of friends, please list who you would like to be seated next to in the designated box of the online reservation form.

Do I get to take my project home at the end of my workshop?
Absolutely!!! Everyone walks out with a wall or gift worthy project every time.

What are your hours?
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm.

Wednesday and Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm.

Evenings and Mondays by appointment only.

What is a Hammer @ Home kit?
These are complete kits of projects that you do at your own pace in your own environment. Kits include all that is required to complete the project ordered whether it be wood, paint, stain, stencil, sponges etc. Step by step instructions are included so that you can create a uniquely yours craft.

When should I come by to pick it up?
You make pick up your Hammer @ Home kit 48 hours after order is placed, unless that falls on a day we are closed then it will be the next day open.

Do you supply me with all the materials?
Yes, all materials that you would normally receive in the studio will be packed and ready when you pick up your kit.

What if I need help at home?
Feel free to call us anytime during our normal studio hours and we will be happy to assist you. If you are having a group we can set up the option to Facetime or Zoom with you to get you instructions if you are all doing the same projects.

What is your return policy?
All orders are custom made and therefore cannot be returned.