Raise funds for your organization while creating something unique for you or a friend!

There are 3 different options for you to choose from based on the needs of your organization:

OPTION 1: In-studio workshop with a minimum of 15 people. Your project will be predetermined between Cynthia and the host of your fundraiser. There is no personal customization with this option.

OPTION 2: The host may choose the location for the fundraiser. We will come to you! We require a minimum of 25 people with a predetermined project and no customization.

For OPTIONS 1 and 2: There are no physical tickets to sell. We handle all payment transactions through our online registration system. Your supporters will sign up directly through this website on a link that will be provided for your group.

OPTION 3: Old School Style (think cookie dough or wrapping paper style). With this fundraiser style, members are given order forms and selection sheets to sell project kits of preselected designs. Members will collect money for kits. After the fundraiser end date members will turn in their order forms for processing. Your organization will then receive kits to be delivered to your customers or they may pick up kits from your host. Kits contain everything needed to complete the project. Items include (but are not limited to) wood, stencil, paint, sponges and complete instructions. Due to the large amount of orders, customization of designs is not possible with this option.